Sex Abuse Lawsuit against Former Jesuit Priest Settles for $20M

A sex abuse lawsuit filed in Chicago on behalf of six men who allege having been sexually abused as boys by a former Jesuit priest has recently been settled for $19.6 million. “This is an exoneration for truth, transparency and accountability,” stated representatives for the sexual abuse victims in this case.

According to court documents associated with the case, the alleged abuser had used his position of power and religious stature to gain the trust of parents in the religious community and, ultimately, to gain access to their children. While details of the alleged sexual abuse were not readily available, the plaintiffs in this case did allege that they were sexually molested when the former priest had taken them on trips for religious retreats and that the sexual abuse allegedly went on for years. In some cases, the victims were as young as nine years old when the alleged sexual abuse started and had grown to be teenagers by the time the abuse had stopped.

Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The plaintiffs in this recently settled sexual abuse lawsuit also alleged that the Chicago Province Jesuits was aware of the sexual abuse occurring at the hands of one of its priests, that the organization failed to alert law enforcement officials about the sexual abuse and that the organization ultimately enabled one of its former priests to continue committing egregious acts of sexual abuse against young boys for years. In fact, investigators for the plaintiffs had uncovered evidence that, despite the fact that the Jesuit organization had placed restrictions on the former priest concerning his interactions with young boys, the man was still allowed to keep traveling alone with young men up until 2003, taking some of these boys on religious retreats across both state and U.S. borders. []

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The former priest is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence after being convicted on federal sexual abuse charges. Prior to his conviction, he had faced criminal sexual abuse allegations in both Wisconsin and Illinois. While sexual abuse allegations have been pointed at this former priest for decades, the Society of Jesuits did not officially defrocked the abuser of his priesthood until February 2008, just months before he was officially convicted in his criminal case. []

Sex Abuse Lawsuits and Settlements

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