Sex Abuse Case Polarizes Hasidic Jewish Community

While a few sex abuse lawsuits have rocked the quiet Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, perhaps the most divisive case for this community has been that associated with the prolonged sexual assault of a 12-year-old Hasidic girl at the hands of one of the community’s most prominent rabbis.

This case, which captured national headlines, was so polarizing to the Orthodox Jewish community because it not only involved a young, pretty girl as the victim (as opposed to young boys), but it also pointed to a highly respected rabbi as the alleged perpetrator. In the wake of this case, which ultimately ended in a conviction for the rabbi, the community has been divided into factions that either acknowledge the sex abuse and support the victim or that deny that it ever happened and continue to rally around the now imprisoned rabbi.

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Ongoing Sexual Assault Alleged in Sex Abuse Case

According to court documents associated with this case, the alleged victim was a young girl, who had been brought by her father to the well-respected rabbi for counseling in 2007. During the girl’s first visit with the rabbi, which lasted for more than four hours, the rabbi spent much time securing the girl’s trust, after which he groped her over and beneath her clothing.

Under the guise of continuing to counsel the girl, the rabbi regularly met with the girl over the next five years, and soon after their first meeting, the groping quickly escalated to rape and sexual assault. On a few occasions, the rabbi even reportedly stopped by the girl’s house and raped her in her own bed. Additionally, he reportedly would burn her with hot wax and matches and would force her to emulate pornographic scenes in movies he made her watch with him.

Ultimately, the victim came forward to report her abuse, and the rabbi was tried and convicted on 59 counts of sexual assault of a minor in December 2012. For these crimes, the rabbi was sentenced to 103 years in prison. The details of the girl’s long-term sexual abuse, as well as the uphill battle she faced in court, have been laid out in court documents for this case, as well as in a novel entitled, The Devil of Williamsburg (by Allison Yarrow).

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Sex Abuse Lawsuits and Settlements

If you or someone you love has been victimized by sexual abuse at the hands of a rabbi, priest teacher or any official, you may be able to file a sex abuse lawsuit to seek compensation from the abuser, as well as any organizations that may have aided and abetted these crimes. Alonso Krangle LLP offers free lawsuit evaluations to sexual abuse victims and their families. To learn more about obtaining the justice you deserve, please contact the compassionate and experienced sexual abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP by filling out our online form or calling 1-800-403-6191.

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