Three Men File Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Two Catholic School and the Archdiocese of Miami

Three Miami men have filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Miami, Edward Pace High School, and Immaculate Conception Catholic School alleging that former dean Ken Ward repeatedly sexually assaulted them, and that Rev. Gustavo Miyares abused one of them while he was the supervisory principal at Immaculate Conception.

The men, identified in court documents as John Doe M, A and B, allege that Ken Ward repeatedly sexually assaulted them while they were students at Monsignor Edward Pace High School. One of the men, each of whom is now in their 20s, said that Rev. Gustavo Miyares sexually abused him while he was a student at Immaculate Conception in the 1990s.

According to the Miami Herald, the lawsuit alleges that Ward brought the boys to his office on numerous occasions, and “locking the door, snapping the blinds closed, and forcing them to take their clothes off and participate in sexual conduct, while Ward masturbated both himself and the young boys.” Ward, worked at Pace from 2000 to 2006, which brings a new relevance to the lawsuit as it is relatively recent and exposes a lengthy period of abuse.

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Ward, 56, started working at Christopher Columbus High School after leaving Pace, and is currently working at a Fort Lauderdale psychiatric hospital, the Herald reports. Miyares resigned from the archdiocese in 2006 after being accused of sexually abusing an altar boy in the 1980s. The victim in that case also sued the diocese and two more victims have come forward to file suit.

Spokesperson for the Archdiocese Mary Ross Agosta said that the alleged sexual abuse was made known to the church last fall, and per protocol, the church referred the allegations to the state attorney. The Herald writes that victims and the Archdiocese had been in negotiations; however, they were not able to reach an agreement. Pace principal Ana Garcia notified school alumni of the allegations saying “It is with sadness that I write to you to report that Monsignor Edward Pace High School was recently made aware of allegations of sexual misconduct involving Brother Kenneth Ward, a former dean of students….We take these allegations very seriously and have notified legal authorities so that appropriate investigations and notifications can be undertaken.”

The sexual abuse lawsuit seeks monetary damages of an unknown amount.

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