Jewish Clergy Childhood Abuse Lawsuit

Jewish Clergy Childhood Abuse Lawsuit

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Were you or someone you love abused as a child by a trusted Rabbi or yeshiva teacher? In recent years, childhood sexual abuse scandals have erupted in Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities throughout the country. As has been the case with childhood molestation scandals in other religions, it appears that Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic leaders have endeavored to cover-up child sexual abuse, and have placed tremendous pressure on victims and their families to prevent these crimes from being reported to secular authorities. As a result, scores of child predators have been free to prey upon countless Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic children.

Being sexually victimized by a respected religious lead is, on its own, emotionally and spiritually scarring. If you or a loved one were abused by a rabbi, yeshiva teacher or other member of the Orthodox or Hasidic Jewish community, you may entitled to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit against the people or organizations that enabled your victimization. You did nothing wrong, and any shame or embarrassment you might be feeling should not stop you from seeking justice. At Alonso Krangle LLP, our childhood sexual abuse lawyers do everything they can to hold child predators, including rabbis and other religious leaders, accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Our childhood sexual abuse lawyers can help you obtain the justice you need and deserve.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Jewish Communities

Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities are extremely tight knit, and in many ways, closed off to the outside world. This sometimes creates an environment were child predators can thrive. Many of these communities even operate religious tribunals that operate as a kind of shadow justice system, adjudicating sexual abuse cases without the involvement of law enforcement. A longstanding and harshly enforced communal taboo against “informing” on another Jew to the secular authorities plays a key role in blocking victims from reporting abuse allegations to police and pressing charges. Families who do seek to bring a childhood abuser to justice are often ostracized forever by others in their community.

In July 2011, the New York Post reported that rabbis in New York’s Orthodox Jewish communities have routinely discouraged child sexual abuse victims from making reports to criminal authorities. According to a December 2011 report in the U.K. Daily Mail, the Orthodox Jewish organization Agudath Israel of America, which has its headquarters in Manhattan, has decreed that anyone who claims to have been sexually abused by another Jew must consult rabbis first. Only then is the decision made whether to go to secular authorities. Even the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office had been accused of being soft on child abusers within the Jewish Orthodox community.

Jewish Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

It was once almost unheard of for members of Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities to file lawsuits in cases of childhood sexual abuse. But in recent years that has been changing, with alleged victims of child sexual abuse courageously coming forward to demand justice from the yeshivas and rabbis who failed to protect them. Even Agudath Israel has been named in lawsuits over abuse allegations, and for its alleged role in covering them up. Unfortunately though, these cases have yet to produce the tidal wave of lawsuits that are forcing the Catholic Church to publicly address its history of childhood sexual abuse problems.

By coming forward, victims of childhood sexual abuse can become a powerful force for change in Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities. Filing a childhood sexual abuse lawsuit can also give victims the financial means needed to afford therapy and other assistance that can help them rebuild their lives. Compensation awarded in childhood sexual abuse lawsuits usually includes punitive damages for physical and emotional suffering, cost of treatment if any, loss of work, and legal fees.

If you or someone you love were sexually abused at the hands of a rabbi, yeshiva teacher, or other trusted member of an Orthodox Jewish or Hasidic community, you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking compensation from not only the abuser, but any community leaders and organizations that aided and abetted their crimes. Alonso Krangle LLP offers free sexual abuse lawsuit evaluations to Jewish childhood sexual abuse victims and their families. To learn more about obtaining the justice you deserve, please contact the compassionate and experienced childhood sexual abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP by filling out our online form or calling 1-800-403-6191.