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Sexual abuse allegations associated with religious institutions are not new. The authority that religious leaders have over their believers can give them enormous leeway, creating an arena in which sexual predators are able to prey on unsuspecting souls, particularly children who do not know how to fight back. What can intensify the gravity of these situations are the facts that, oftentimes, high officials try to quiet sexual abuse accusations and that victims will likely be too ashamed or afraid to speak up about the violations that they experienced.

At Alonso Krangle LLP, our sexual abuse lawyers do everything they can to hold child predators, including Yeshiva officials and their enablers, accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Our sexual abuse attorneys can help victims obtain the justice that they need and deserve.

Recent Sexual Abuse Accusations Against Yeshiva Rabbis

Two officials at the Yeshiva University High School for Boys (Y.U.) in Manhattan have been accused of sexually abusing at least 14 young men from the late 1960s through the 1980s. As an increasing number of men came forward with these sexual abuse accusations, it became clear that officials at Y.U. have been aware of the allegations charged at a particular Rabbi for more than a decade; that Y.U officials had kept the sexual abuse accusations quiet; that they had allowed the Rabbi to leave Y.U. without prosecution; and that they enabled him to get another position as a dean at a Florida day school without disclosing the prior sexual abuse allegations against him.

A few of the accusers have alleged that the Rabbi had coerced them into wrestling with them in his high school office or at his home. These victims have stated that, during the act of wrestling, they felt the Rabbi’s erection as he pinned them to the floor. Another accuser has alleged that the Rabbi had sodomized him with a toothbrush in his dorm room. According to this accuser, “[the Rabbi] said: ‘I have three coins in my pocket. If they’re heads, that’s bad for you, and if it’s tails, that’s good for you,’…and I distinctly remember two heads and one tails, and [the Rabbi] said ‘That’s not good for you.’”[ HYPERLINK “″]

These alarming sexual abuse allegations have sparked the attention of the White House Chief of Staff, Jacob Lew, who is an orthodox Jew. In a recent speech, Lew remarked that, “the alleged behavior is despicable and cannot be tolerated in any place, at any time, and the response must transcend the confines of religious teaching… leaders of [Y.U.] and every educational institution have a sacred responsibility under civil law to protect children from any action that might endanger or exploit them.”

Yeshiva Sexual Abuse Lawsuits and Yeshiva Sexual Abuse Settlements

If you or someone you love were sexually abused at the hands of any religious offical, you may be able to file a sexual abuse lawsuit to seek compensation from the abuser, as well as any officials and organizations that may have aided and abetted their crimes. Alonso Krangle LLP offers free sexual abuse lawsuit evaluations to sexual abuse victims and their families. To learn more about obtaining the justice you deserve, please contact the compassionate and experienced sexual abuse lawyers at Alonso Krangle LLP by filling out our online form or calling 1-800-403-6191.