Childhood Abuse at Summer Camps

Childhood Abuse at Summer Camps

Summer camp should always provide children with amazing opportunities for learning, fun and making memories. But unfortunately, some of the 10 million children who attend summer camps each year will become victims of child abuse. Childhood abuse can happen at any summer camp, including day camps and residential camps, as well as camps run by charitable organizations, schools, churches, yeshivas, the YMCA, the Boy Scouts, and the Girl Scouts. Regardless of who runs a summer camp, it is always the responsibility of the camp supervisors to protect those in their care from child abuse. Unfortunately, many summer camps fail to adequately screen and supervise their staff, which can lead to children being abused.

Childhood abuse at summer camp is an emotionally devastating and humiliating experience for victims that can have lasting consequences throughout their lives. When a summer camp fails to protect children from abuse, victims and their families are often able to obtain significant compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the camp’s management. At Alonso Krangle, LLP, we believe one of our most important missions is to ensure that victims of child abuse at summer camp are fairly and fully compensated for the harm inflicted on them. If your child was taken advantage of by someone at summer camp, our Childhood abuse attorneys are here to help. They will be at your side every step of the way, until you obtain the justice you and your child deserve.

Summer Camp Childhood Abuse Lawsuits

The summer camp you trusted with your child’s well-being has a duty to keep every single camper safe. This means that the management of a summer camp must screen each person working or volunteering at the camp for past criminal activity, including child abuse. The summer camp’s management is also responsible for training and supervising all camp employees and volunteers. Summer camps that negligently or knowingly hire a pedophile or other criminal must be held accountable when careless practices result in children being abused.

Any type of Childhood abuse is a crime, and camp counselors or volunteers who prey upon the children in their care will face prison time when their conduct is discovered. But the law also allows victims and their families to seek civil damages from the abuser, as well as the sponsor of the summer camp where the abuse occurred. If your family is trying to cope after learning that your child was abused at summer camp, filing a personal injury lawsuit is probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, compensation from a lawsuit can provide the financial means to access resources you and your family need in order to heal.

Protecting Children from Abuse at Summer Camp

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of a summer camp’s sponsor to ensure that all children attending are protected from child abuse. However, because summer camps have been known to inadequately protect children and supervise staff, parents should scrutinize a camp thoroughly before they allow their child to attend. When questioning camp management, it’s best to be straightforward about Childhood abuse concerns. Some questions every parent should ask are:

  • How do you screen for child abusers?
  • Are criminal background checks performed on all your employees and volunteers?
  • Do you conduct interviews and reference checks on all employees and volunteers?
  • During your interview process do you make it clear to prospective staff what is considered appropriate or inappropriate contact with campers?
  • Do you provide camp staff clear policies about sexual misconduct, child abuse and consequences, and are they spelled out in an employee/volunteer handbook?
  • What steps are you taking to decrease the risk of Childhood abuse at your camp?
  • What steps are you taking to decrease the risk of bullying at camp?
  • What type of training do you offer your staff?
  • Do you offer training to staff to prevent Childhood abuse and bullying?
  • Are you licensed by the state?
  • Help for Victims of Childhood Abuse at Summer Camp

    Alonso Krangle, LLP offers free, no obligation lawsuit consultations to victims of summer camp child abuse. If a child you love was abused by a camp counselor or other summer camp staff, and you want to discuss your legal rights or just talk with someone about what happened, please contact us today by calling 800-403-6191.