Child Abuse in Schools

Childhood Abuse in Schools

Teachers, coaches, counselors and other school personnel who interact with children on a daily basis are granted a level of trust few other adults enjoy. When a child is abused by one of these trusted adults, the victim may suffer repercussions that can last a lifetime. Children have a right to be safe at school. School administrators who allow childhood abuse to occur by failing to adequately supervise the behavior of their staff need to be held accountable.

At Alonso Krangle, LLP we understand how devastating school childhood abuse is for victims and their families. One of our firm’s most important missions is to ensure that victims of child abuse are fairly and fully compensated for the harm inflicted on them. If a child you love was abused by a teacher, coach or other school employee, filing a personal injury lawsuit is probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, compensation from a lawsuit can provide the financial means to access resources you and your family need in order to heal. If your child was taken advantage of by a school employee, our child abuse attorneys are here to help. They will be at your side every step of the way, until you obtain the justice you and your child deserve.

School Child Abuse Lawsuits

According to one 2004 survey, 10% of public school students have suffered sexual abuse or harassment by a teacher or other educational employee at some time in their lives. According to a report from the Associated Press, 2,500 educators had their teaching licenses revoked between 2001 and 2005 or sexual misconduct with a child. Because teachers, coaches, aides, counselors and other school personnel have authority over our children, abusers in an educational setting can easily manipulate and take advantage of those in their care. In many cases, school professionals who abuse a child even manage to convince their victims that they invited or desired the inappropriate contact.

Often, victims of childhood abuse at the hands of an educator are afraid to come forward. If their abuser is a teacher or coach who is beloved and respected in a community, a victim may feel they won’t be believed. Several academic reports have estimated that only one in 10 victims of abuse at school reports the crime to someone who can help them. Even when abuse is reported, many school administrators fail to act, out of fear that an accusation is false or desire to avoid a scandal.

Any type of childhood abuse is a crime, and teachers and other educators who prey upon the children in their care will face prison time when their conduct is discovered. But the law also allows victims and their families to seek civil damages from the abuser, as well as the school system where the abuse occurred. School officials have a responsibility to keep our children safe and act on any information that points to inappropriate contact between staff and students. By law, each and every professional who works at a school needs to be screened for misconduct. If a school system fails to adequately protect the students in their care, victims of childhood abuse by teachers and other staff may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Help for Victims of School Childhood Abuse

Alonso Krangle, LLP offers free, no obligation lawsuit consultations to victims of school child abuse. If a child you love was abused by a trusted teacher, coach, counselor or other school employee, and you want to discuss your legal rights or just talk with someone about what happened, please contact us today by calling 800-403-6191.